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Wuhan new century decorative Engineering Limited, Wuhan local of Wuhan decoration company, and Wuhan decorative company, and Wuhan decoration company, and Wuhan decoration, and Wuhan decorative, and Wuhan decoration, and Wuhan Office decoration, and Wuhan Villa decoration, and Wuhan plant decoration, and Wuhan Office decoration, and Wuhan which home decoration company good, and Wuhan best of decoration company, brand decorative company, free out early design programme, do engineering budget, select we, let you more a right select  , welcomes Advisory! Home decoration as an indispensable element in people's lives, only with better quality in order to win more customers, so the decoration has been working in the new century, with high standards of design, materials, construction, management, services based on the market, with quality get the praise. Decoration on the basis of the new century, strengthening standardized management to continue to optimize the structure, focus on team-building, strive for in a short time, developed into "an industry, industry development" home improvement group, the "new century" become a national brand.  

the advantages of our company

1. Design: our company is a college graduate and has a wealth of excellent professional interior designers  .

2. Construction: all have rich experience in woodworking in the South, Oilers, professional license electricians for your project.

3. Material: we purchase material from annual procurement of materials, and can guarantee the performance of materials used in colleges and universities, and guarantee the health of the material.

4. Price for our decorations, Wuhan is one of the few not to subcontract company, so our prices are lower than that of other decorative range.

5. Credit: example talk

we layer on the sunshine building, 16 Office of the foreign company is design and construction of our company in turn.

Longgang shipping company's dormitory, Office, home and so is our construction.

Pacific House (Ningxia road, Xuzhou road, yihe international headquarters, Donghai road, May Fourth square store, Hefei road, Sun Mountain shop is what we do)

South of each Office, we design and construction projects.

Wuhan's most well-known community   our case!  

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