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recommendation: do not seek perfect home. Defects due to the building itself, the level of investment and construction impact of any home improvement is impossible to   the perfect degree. Consumers want    to pretend the House completely satisfied, so very picky when choosing a company, construction units and to receive orders, deliberately hype program, wrong owner, but the home improvement project is not ideal.

recommendation two: home not irregulars. Many consumers find cheap home decoration "guerrilla", construction, design, quotes, material variety. Construction team found more   , the more likely their plans disrupted. Generally, two to three mid-range decoration company, after determined to arrange a home will get a satisfying result.

recommendation: staff found his head. Home improvement is far more complex than the public, and if consumers began looking for professional advise on design scheme, the two can complement   , is a good idea. But if it had been operating for some time, then a so-called expert, he contracts, budgets, programmes are not known, irresponsible pick will    cause a conflict, but messed up his head.

recommendation four: construction avoid frequency plan. Planning some consumers due to the effect of incomplete ideas every day, programme changes every day. Delays, fees, construction teams had every    demolition, tension on both sides. So, change the best before the implementation.

recommendation five: not pursuing construction speed. Home narrow construction site, manual machines cannot expand all, each process convergence difficulty, not material reserves and so on a series of difficulties caused by home improvement construction progress is relatively slow. In addition, each process has an effective basic cycle duration, if too much emphasis on progress, will lead to the construction quality.

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