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Put an end to construction of concealed works of decoration common in feline

decorated in the most worrying thing is what? Believe in home improvement experience where people will say you don't see, what industry experts call "hidden work". According to statistics from related departments in recent years, after receiving complaints about the quality of decoration, caused by a concealed work accounted for a large proportion of complaints. Concealed works of some irresponsible construction teams tend to become "risk project", causing significant damage to the consumer.

according to experts, the construction of concealed works out the problem is mainly the renovation team is not standard, some seemingly unimportant, omitted the very important steps actually caused. Many consumers don't have the time at the site, or at the scene but a layman, could not be found. In fact, home improvement questions sum up both the material and construction technology for main.

construction technology in violation of regulations: for example, all piping after the construction, construction workers, if not in accordance with the relevant provisions after injection, compression, check for run, run, drip, leak and other programs directly to completion while the owners in foreclosure, it is difficult to check, once a problem, owners have remodeled pipes, demanding money. Also some construction personnel to figure easy, dark buried line Shi directly will wire buried into wipe gray layer, and didn't in wire coat PVC  tube, some although sets has tube, but middle of wire has twisted, and joint errors, phenomenon; or is in has camber of place directly put PVC tube folding bent, and didn't using supporting bent tube tool or supporting elbow, such certainly will folding to wire, is easy caused circuit breaker, even caused fire.

decoration materials of poor quality: a handful of decoration companies or teams for profiteering, and pay the impurities, shoddy, made some fake materials into home improvement projects, this is causing some home improvement projects the most direct cause of patchy.

in addition, some consumers ' lack of knowledge about building materials, and often cheap, I buy counterfeit products, affecting home quality. Such as the choice of what kind of pipes, determines the quality of water used in the home, health and wellness. In the renovation, many of the "guerrilla of the road" and irresponsible home improvement companies are recommended to consumers to use "galvanized pipe" PVC pipe or unqualified, countries have already banned the use of galvanized pipe for water pipes.

Qingdao decoration company experts advise, concealed work in the renovation budget is one of the most important construction element, if decoration company in a bid too low, most likely was a "trap" in the construction of "Jerry" to pay special attention to.

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