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What home improvements are disputes

refer to the decoration, in the eyes of many decoration come that is a "war".

renovation process has too many "good", if you want to set a note in detail, there would be hundreds. Large decoration company, the main material choices, down to the outlet locations, a little attention would expend time, energy, money, and more importantly, a detailed oversight caused great inconvenience for future life.

this special issue, we spoke to many people in the industry and the owners of renovated, sorting out the renovation complaints, most likely to occur in the areas that most need attention. For owners who have no decoration, decoration, these unpleasant but important reference materials.

commercial news reporters Gu Shuangyi five kinds of consumer disputes are common in the home improvement process "because of the large market space of the home improvement industry, the threshold is not high, industry regulations lagged behind, some enterprises in pursuit of profits, of shoddy or fake, harm consumers. In recent years, the home improvement industry has become a high complaint rate and exposure of industries. "Building decoration Association, Henan province, officials said.

at present, the home disputes there are five main aspects. First, design disputes, mainly design cannot make appropriate design for individual differences; designers to design the lack of serious consideration, after House decoration design flaw; designers in order to earn rebates, so as to induce consumers to buy the specified materials. Second, quality disputes, mainly in decoration company waterproofing corners, heating equipment, decorative materials, such as crude, the effect is poor; omit the walls and ground leveling process, resulting in uneven flooring or baseboard bent; construction of tiles or wallpaper and soon fall off. Third, environmental disputes, mainly reflected in the decoration company does not use or hypocrisy, said the use of environmentally friendly materials, exaggerating the environmental protection levels of decoration materials. Four warranty disputes, decoration company commitment to a longer warranty, in case of quality problems, will protect themselves from responsibility. Five were contract disputes, company does not use contracted mainly in decoration materials or using inferior materials, without undue delays.

quality and quantity is more important than service in the process of "at home with quality and quantity is more important than service in the process. "The official said, consumers must pay close attention in the renovation process. Current furniture and decorative materials has increased the amount of complaints. Common consumers buy real inconsistencies and store customized decoration material quality problems; improper operation of workers; the contract ambiguous, operators often find reasons to excuse yourself disputes arise, consumers ' rights, and so on.

in contracts, for example trap, the decoration decoration quality intended by the company cannot deliver, added in the renovation process. In fact, consumers have been cheated in a disguised form, the renovation process, impurities, renovation to indoor air pollution. Contract problem is a problem in the decoration industry, most difficult to cure.

fee, for example, consumers it is hard to be decoration company brush is how many square meters, the Organizer is what level of, and power line, such as quantity, the difference among these dishonest behavior is growing. If it is a waste of the consumer's money is only just, the key is also hidden, such as socket replace stolen load is low, when the load is increased when power cord housing prone to aging, using copper materials, which may pose a security risk.

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