Qingdao public House will have "law"

get new keys is a happy event, but the most competent people, followed the decoration was not so easy. Yesterday was informed by the building management, Hefei, Hefei's first specialized administrative regulations of residential interior decoration--the interior decoration of the interim measures for the administration of Qingdao City (hereinafter rules) is currently preparing complete, is expected to end execution. Residential renovation agreement, qualification of designers are expected to get detailed specifications, renovation of the public against "talk" will be a "law".

according to the methods, decoration management symposium held recently in Qingdao City, to the representatives of the city's architectural enterprises and officials for comment. The methods have been identified for the six chapters and 50 articles, including "General provisions", "application for renovation and completion", "residential quality and safety management of building decoration", "indoor environmental quality", "liability" and "by-laws", and so on. The measures focus on the relevance and operability of the interior decoration, the original is not clear enough or well-defined scope, management problems, quality issues, management issues, liability issues will be made clear and specific provisions.

Qingdao urban and rural construction related head introduced, approach is expected to in end of before and after released purposes, currently still in further perfect among, is may will strengthening residential indoor decorative construction license management, and increased on no qualification decorative enterprise of combat efforts, and clear participation residential decorative activities parties of right and obligations, and improved perfect environment detection mechanism, and specification on residential decorative decoration quality regulatory, aspects made further optimization.

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