Decoration: a new concept to buy furniture and decoration

"Choose modern minimalist style decoration, furniture valued classical European, finished and found neither a modern minimalist, not European classical. "This is a lot of owners encountered problems in its decoration. In fact, decorating is not difficult, as long as owners renovated stores before care of furniture styles, colors, and design, decoration decoration company, will be able to put on a beautiful new home, which has started to become a new trend in decoration of the public.
It is understood that after buying the furniture decoration, according to furniture size, color, style, refined by the home company designers, so you can avoid owner decoration style of the contradictions and the furniture you like harmony. Home Designer rooms, furniture, building materials, household items, such as combinations of the factors, home decoration and style, styles, colors, different household products together, forming the true meaning of household, for owners to create a warm and harmonious family atmosphere. This home model was released, was welcomed by the decoration owners.
Some owners believe that no furniture in the House is not a home, no furniture in the House reflect the personality and way of life. Home building process, the furniture is clearly a hero, "decorated before you buy furniture" claim, ignoring the furniture and decoration of the function, the relationship between the Visual and material.
A complete home design should be on the room, furniture, building materials, decoration, fabric and other combinations of the factors, as well as the use of materials, colors, furniture selection and configuration of the display, lighting, jewelry displays, ornaments, ornament, Division of structure, layout, arrangement and style of the selected design. In this way, new home decor, furniture, jewelry styles in harmony BACK
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