Concept of Feng Shui location planning

not long ago, Korea Government will be moving things around, some people supported the opposition recently Korea popped up in many major City subway station posters, pointing out that "quality of life than other countries in the capital of Seoul" and "it is imperative to move", which naturally angered Seoul city government officials, and a public debate in the Korea domestic.

Chinese Feng Shui theories and practices in cities, urban planning has played a major role in, the Korea capital of Feng Shui can be described as a century of practice is difficult to meet, from this we can see that inkling of Feng Shui design. Korea from its today capital "Seoul (Seoul)" and to moved of public State location planning see, basically meet China Feng Shui of basic rules "mountain ring water hold", so reflected out its has always been attention China of Feng Shui; anti-views North Korea fresh capital "Pyongyang" of location "landscape flew away", is serious deviated from Feng Shui of principles, Peninsula a South a North performance out great of differences.

here only from the Chinese geomantic principles elaborated according to the principles of Feng Shui in China how to plan cities, with a view to inspire modern urban planning, drawing, so it is not too much to comment on other aspects.

Korea capital after the idea was first proposed 25 years ago, Korea has been preparing for the capital, has so far hired 400 or so Feng Shui master, hopes its new capital, including the most important building of the Presidential Palace to find the most ideal location.

1,   Seoul, Feng Shui "distant view of the air near the chaos"

Seoul, Feng Shui "distance" is more appropriate. 1 , Figure 2, namely the   Seoul, Feng Shui geographic distribution and around Seoul city hall layout.

backers in Northern Seoul, more complete shape, encircled by the South of the Han River, is generally in line with China's Feng Shui water on mountains held the "geographical" path.

the image of Seoul City Hall on behalf of the Government, so being able to reflect Government and national situation. Seoul Municipal Office General South, Qian has square hotel, and Hou has Seoul News Agency, and new international hotel,, no more big of backer or backer not firm, Council domain environment poor; special front square of gas field distribution mixed, and gas field disorder, are ahead of road gas field rushed shot,, and in Southwest formed a wedge line air intake, great put Seoul Municipal Office of gas sucking go of meaning, are should has Feng Shui of acting "three avoidance a empty is haojia, and three empty a refuge hemp". Seoul good geographical situation, local environment is very poor, but directly on the Seoul City Hall ignores encountered unfavorable "weather, and" conditions is necessarily non-such as, mouth controversy, it is Government officials actively moved the capital to the Feng Shui reasons.

a brief review of the history of Seoul. Seoul is Korea's capital, for more than half a century, Seoul is Korea's political, economic and cultural center, the leading Korea nearly 100,000 square kilometres of land and about 48 million people of hub status. Korea President Roh Moo-hyun has an explanation, said no "capital", and indeed "move administrative capital". However, Korea has considered moving the capital move administrative capital, Congress, Presidential Palace, the Central Government's main offices were moved to the new administrative capital, referred to as "capital" in the sense of. Korea Parliament adopted by an overwhelming majority in favour of the new administrative capital of the Special Act, the legalization of the administrative capital relocation issue has been brewing for a long time, Korea moved the capital to a foregone conclusion. New capital would be started in the end of 2007, starting in 2012 Presidential Palace and the central administrative body will be moved to the new capital to Chungcheong in batches. On August 11, 2004, Korea Government has finalized and officially announced the address of the new administrative capital, Yan Qi-Gong Zhou, is located in the central region of South Korea will be the new administrative capital, a small population under 500,000 people, relocation of a total investment of $ 38 billion.

site selection results for new administrative capital South Chungcheong province Yan Qijun-Gong Zhou City area 88.96 points first, has been identified as Korea new administrative capital is located, followed: State-on mountain 80.37 points, 75.02 points, umsong-Zhen chuan 66.87 points.

2,   Korea Gong Zhou Feng Shui "water holding"

State on the whole in line with China's Feng Shui hold water "geography" of the road. Feng Shui in the State of Lu Ling mountain ranges veined, chicken long Shan peak, then Gong Zhou Luo Mai, in front of Jin Jiang-Qing Lake is surrounded by Ridge Mountains as mountains, so in general conformity with the rules of Feng Shui hold water, the sit is southwest to Northeast.

Yan Qi-Gong Zhou North Guo Shifeng, Hill embraced on three sides, spreading the field, close to river water in front, is Korea people think is a perfect treasure. In addition to the geographical distribution in accordance with Feng Shui   "geographical" way out, but to match the perfect Feng Shui   "climate, geography, and people and" also in the architectural layout, traffic, water, Lake has done a lot of work.

tean, which Feng Shui terms far worse, tean although Ridge Mountains to backers, but not nearly surrounded by water.

Yan Qi-Gong Zhou introduced the area, Yan Qi-Gong Zhou Jin Jiang joins the Lake area is located in the United States and, with a total area of 21.6 million square meters, close to the Karatsu-Sangju Highway, connected with the Gyeongbu Expressway and Gyeongbu line railway, the traffic is very convenient. Gongju former Baekje old natural fortress, once very busy. Gyeongbu railway opened, declined after the Prefecture and transfer field. Here in the center of basin surrounded by mountains, beautiful natural scenery, also has chicken Shan National Park, East of crane Temple, a temple, the new temple and the temple's four temples, Baekje relics and rich tourism resources. By existing public State as South Chungcheong public state capital, about 33,000 people, has three universities, can be called an education city; but also agricultural products distribution center, rich in tobacco, cotton, and silk cocoons. Korea experts point out that, both in terms of traffic is from a Feng Shui perspective of geography, Yan Qi-Gong Zhou position can be called great. Korea President Park Chung-Hee for administrative capital migration plans, there was supposed to be the most promising sites in the capital area.

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