08 buyers should know the nine House Feng Shui

(a) fit for you and the wind at the time of purchase, should first of all pay attention to the wind. If it is discovered that houses near windy, very urgent, it would not be appropriate to buy, because even if the Housing Authority really have natural gas condensate, and the wind blows. Feng Shui is the most importance to "hide wind Ki", which means that the strong local wind conditions will not be popular! The ideal living environment, there is a soft breeze blowing, cool breeze, this is in line with the Feng Shui way.

(b) the sunny House Feng Shui the most pay attention to Sun air, so I chose housing, not only to fresh air, but also sunny.

(c) contamination should not be this refers to the housing of the Centre the Center should not be used as a toilet, second part should not be located in the housing Centre coincides with the door in a straight line, because this may well lead to bankruptcy losses small.

(d) the streets straight into the appropriate Feng Shui is "happy swing straight bogey", because straight comes a sharp, if homes bear the brunt, the infestation is large and not accidentally! Therefore when you selected, may wish to take a look at whether the housing around the streets straight into the situation.

(e) the terrain should be flat and if the housing above the slope, then at the time of purchase will be especially careful inspection of your surroundings, because from a Feng Shui point of view, flat houses are more stable, while the slopes are quite a lot of danger!

(f) anti-bow Street should not be called street "inverse arch", refers to the bend of the street in front of the House, and curving into the door, Feng Shui as "sickle cut waist", such housing should not purchase, avoidance of JI.

(g) avoid cutting so-called "cut" refers to a narrow gap between two high-rise buildings; because it seems like from the air with a knife cut in half, so called chop. If the Housing Authority "cut", is likely to have blood plague: fierce gap as narrow as possible, from more sites than risk! Face the day Chop House also do not choose to live, but if it were in another building behind it may fill the gap. &Nbsp;.  (VIII) should not be putting Feng Shui on the chimney, from sanitation, chimney populated areas uninhabitable, because from the chimney of the coal smoke and debris, it could damage health. (I) the Nga Tsin Temple should not be Government Yamen (in particular police stations and barracks) in front of later temples and monasteries are uninhabitable. Due to Government effort, if living in its opposite, will bear the brunt, afford there will be casualties; where temples condense yin, live too close it is not suitable for  .

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