How to build ideal Office profile

in today's fast-moving society, stands a place everyone wants to be in the competition. There is a safe and ideal office environment, may be able to lay a solid foundation for your career development. Had a plain sailing, careers in the business of the company's Office, it is necessary to get to the shape of the building the first priority, because the external shape of the building may affect the mentality of the people inside. Area within the structure of the Office will also affect the company's operating system, so choose an Office, whether it be buying their own, or lease, need to meet the geographical pattern of traditional Feng Shui requirements. &Nbsp;. , what is the ideal shape of an office building? &Nbsp;.  generally speaking, the shape of the building the most taboo "l"-shaped design, the "u"-shaped office building is not ideal, "come back"-shaped office building also has a big flaw. &Nbsp;.  office building  .  "l"-shaped office building because there was a great lack, so the indoor lighting is uneven. Assuming light projecting down from above, l-shaped Sun sunlight the solid part, but lack of angle part no light, not conducive to the building of internal personnel. &Nbsp;.  "u"-shaped office building throughout the building after relying on weak companies in operation will not to one's liking, weakness, after difficult to stretch. &Nbsp;.  "back"-shaped office buildings in the whole building is completely hollow in the Middle, while strengthening the overall lighting of the building, but building centers with large patio as well as members of heart weakness, so companies in this building is not conducive to business promotion. &Nbsp;.  looking for shapes not being, or have other defects, are considered inauspicious, it is best not to choose from, or you will have a bad effect. But a pattern of founder House used as an Office or shop, must also pay attention to the front has no broad's Hall (view from front is very broad, will be able to bring good fortune to the company). &Nbsp;.  from a Feng Shui point of view, a home or building the ideal pattern of Office with the founder of square or rectangular pattern of slightly longer, is lucky.

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