Feng Shui houses lacks on how to change?

since ancient times, people attach great importance to see Feng Shui. Such as the construction of housing and other major events, is to consult "the geomancer" see Feng Shui, to identify good, ghosts and ask God, in fact, the so-called Feng Shui, contains a lot of meteorological knowledge, problem also relates to the natural environment.

ancient temples and monasteries were built in the mountain forests, often backed by mountains, green faced, which is considered "treasure." However, monk, both selecting addresses is scientific truth. The back (North) mountains, can block the cold winds in winter, the South wind of summer can be cool; a gurgling stream, provide the necessary water depths and provide fresh air. Such a picturesque natural environment, enabling people living in this delightful, and a solid rock foundation building after hundreds of years to fail. This "treasure" and superstition say irrelevant.

why our House "South"? It is scientifically justified. In the northern hemisphere, most in the North temperate zone, in this vast region, the sun rises in the East South and West. Winter Sun elevation angle is small, residential doors and Windows facing South, will enable more oblique sunlight into the rooms, which can increase the room temperature. In the summer, the solar altitude angle increases, the Sun less incoming light from the door and window, so that you can maintain a certain degree of coolness.

is in most parts of China is located in East Asian monsoon region. House faces south, and during the summer season, but avoid direct sunlight during the hottest afternoon, play a role in Sun summer; in winter, avoid the northwest wind, play a role in cold and warm.

in short, the "upperclassman" House can reduce indoor temperature in winter and summer, beneficial to people's daily life. In fact, any of the natural environment, there are differences between, people when choosing a residential building site in, you should consider whether the geological structure of the firm, whether climate change is dramatic, what is the dominant wind direction, and harm to human health or environment of the radioactive elements, and groundwater into the Interior.

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