Characteristics of rustic decoration and renovation renderings

rustic materials of nature in decorative floral, floral patterns based on, giving the rich a lot of warm and cozy feeling, colors are yellow, pink, and white in warm tones. On the choice of texture, the use of cotton, hemp and other natural products, its textures and rustic style decoration carved's pursuit of consistent, sometimes the wall hung a picture of woollen wall hanging, themes for the rural landscape. Is not missed, idyllic bedroom through to green spaces into living "green space", such as the combination of furnishings decorate green, or focus on decoration and corner decoration, can also be arranged along the window,  the plants into the room, creating a natural, simple, elegant atmosphere. At this time, invited 35 friends for months, tea, really have a feeling of paradise.

rustic advocated "back to nature", highly aesthetic "natural beauty", arguing that only nature, with nature, can be obtained in the fast pace of today's high-tech society physical and mental balance. Pastoral style to make a relaxing, comfortable, and the nature of pastoral life. In the pastoral style, rough and broken is allowed, because that is closer to nature.

pastoral in nature, but different garden styles have different nature, which in turn spawned a variety of furniture styles, such as: Chinese rustic, European, rustic, American pastoral style, and even a rustic style in South Asia, each have their own characteristics, each have their own beauty. Cool now to explain some rustic features.

1, continental pastoral European countryside style, the design emphasizes the sense of a return of the soul, gives one a lot of rich flavor. Later some fine accessories into the design style, fully embodies the designer and the owner is looking for a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The living room is large with a floral pattern in a variety of fabrics and ornaments, contours and fine European furniture gorgeous chandeliers complement each other. Does not empty on the wall, murals and Decorative vase makes it considerably. The decorative flowers and green plants are also good.

2, and Han type pastoral living room: living room as hospitality regional, General requirements simple crisp, while decoration more other space to more crisp glamorous, usually using large of stone and wood ornaments surface decorative; bedroom: Han type home of bedroom layout more warm, as master of private space, main to function sex and practical comfortable for consider of focus, General of bedroom not set Dome light, more with warm soft of sets fabric to decorated, while in soft loaded and with color Shang very unified.

3, American pastoral American pastoral as typical of the pastoral style, and because of its natural and simple yet elegant temperament has become respected. All filled with strong American pastoral atmosphere, give the feeling calm at the same time, can relax, extensive decoration in room instead of making people feel comfortable and relax. American pastoral style, style coordination as a whole realize owners longing for home. See fine out of overall crude design, make the room not only full of nature's breath, very practical, beautiful.

cool net for you below shows two rustic living room renovation renderings, beautiful real examples to show the beauty of rustic decoration, lifting the don't know many owners of rustic place.

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