Decorate cheap traps in guerrilla, did you?

to the end of, many decorators and home improvement stores introduced a variety of concessions to discounts, promotions lure so many owners. However, not only decorating companies, even decorating the guerrillas are riveting enough low price undercutting, which many consumers were "decorated guerrilla" misled by the false price. So, cool mesh as a professional network of decoration, remind the owner: renovation at the end of a low price is great, but be wary of cheap pitfalls, especially decorating cheap traps in guerrilla.

salesman do not know quality standards found in the reporter visited, "decorate the guerrillas" clusters particularly affordable real estate in the new housing estate showmanship, Range Rover business formal company claiming to be qualified. In a recently submitted real estate reporter has just entered the community, now has more than 10 sales stepped forward to speak, passing information, hand drawings, old-timers to talk to journalists about his company on how well, and how low the price. Reporters just say how big is the area of his new House, without waiting for State standards and renovation program, someone had bid others to play the price war to be outdone: "you I am lower than you. "" Can you ensure quality? "" Of course, we are a level 2 qualification. "But when asked they where company qualification is determined by assessment, is divided into several levels, few on the salesman answered.

"guerrilla" used fake addresses to flicker when reporters due to the high price of not looking for formal decoration company, a clerk volunteered: "I am ' guerrilla '. "Then talk to reporters to their own advantage. "Formal engineering company has the warranty, but their prices are high; we almost on the quality, but the price is cheap. The owners, or gripping the ball in their hands and saved the difference can then get repairs are sufficient. "The salesman was subsequently gave the reporter a business card that read" XX company "business manager's words. "Office phone number? "The reporter's questions, the salesman Hei Hei smile:" address is used to flicker. ”

downloading pictures as a model in a self-proclaimed "XX decoration limited company" salesman "strongly" request, journalists came to an Office not far from the real estate, the Office is hidden deep in the residential building, which randomly piled with personal belongings, was full of cigarette butts on the floor, Office equipment, only a few tables and chairs and a computer. In order to lobby journalists, they show some spray on the screen model of advertising images. Clerk says these are their firm previously renovated home, later filmed as a model.

reporters found after careful observation, one of them with a famous home is similar to photos on the Web site, at a press conference, questioning, the salesman admitted the pictures were downloaded from the Internet, but he stressed that such an effect and they can do it.

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